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Pop-A-Shot is a 42 year old brand, located in Peoria IL. We're a brand that most people have heard of, but haven't recently thought of. We want to revitalize and re-introduce the brand to basketball lovers everywhere.


Pop- A-Shot literally created the arcade basketball game. Over time Pop-A-Shot introduced electronic scoring, arcade versions, infrared scoring, steel frames… a litany of firsts. 


We employ a diverse group of individuals to make Pop-A-Shot a success. We provide a modern, comfortable work environment. Our employees work hard and occasionally have a little fun.


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"Workhorses of Pop-A-Shot"

Warehouse Associate

In addition to supporting our customers, they often work at a fast pace with flexible duties as needed. Warehouse team members have the chance to gain experience on the operations side of the business, picking and shipping orders using our new computer software. In addition, picking / processing orders as well as maintaining an accurate inventory and clean workspace are essential duties to work at Pop-A-Shot.  text goes here

"Strategy of Pop-A-Shot"


Positions within the marketing department play a pivotal role in driving brand awareness, engagement, and sales across various sales channels. Some responsibilities involve email marketing, website management, digital advertising, content generation, social media management, event coordination, customer relationship management, data analysis, among others.

"Creative Leaders of Pop-A-Shot"

Graphic Design

Our creative and talented Graphic Designers are responsible for all custom game design. In addition to product photography, assembly instructions and various other design projects. Our designers are experienced with Adobe Creative Cloud. Specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Lightroom. They are also experience with oversized solvent vinyl printing, lamination, mounting and trimming to create beautiful Pop-A-Shot games.

"Showcase the Fun of Pop-A-Shot"

Videographer & Content Creator

This position is responsible for three integral roles. Interaction, Strategy, and Content Creation. Our team's content creator works alongside the members of our marketing team to bring content and ideas to life.

"Support the People of Pop-A-Shot"

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Manager helps our team plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the organization's human resource function and performance. The Manager also provides overall leadership and guidance for career development, planning, retention, and training while overseeing benefit and insurance enrollment. At Pop-A-Shot our goal is to attract and retain top talent.

"Supplier of Pop-A-Shots"

Logistics Coordinator

Our Logistics Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the logistics of the company's transportation-related activities. They keep track of transportation operations and ensure that all policies, procedures, and safety rules are followed. Handling everything from a container leaving our manufacturer to getting that inventory to our fulfillment centers. Once the inventory is here in the U.S., they monitor all of our SKUs and make sure inventory levels are consistent.

"Eyes and ears of Pop-A-Shot"

General Manager

The General Manager at Pop-A-Shot is the eyes and the ears in the office and out of the office. They oversee the building, the employees, the day to day logistics and so much more. Our General Manager is our first point of contact between our owners and our employees.


Pop-A- Shot occasionally offers internship positions. This opportunity is a great way to see what Pop-A-Shot is all about while providing your knowledge and expertise in your field of study. Some internships that we have held in the past are: Marketing Interns, Videography / Content Creator Interns, and Graphic Design Interns.

"Keep Pop-A-Shot Organized"


The most important duty of a bookkeeper is to track and manage the financial data of the company by creating and maintaining records. A bookkeeper is responsible for recording and maintaining the financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices and payments. This information is recorded into the general ledger and used to produce the balance sheet and income statement. Balancing is done daily and monthly to make sure the bank accounts and financial records are updated timely and are accurate.

"Heartbeat to Pop-A-Shot"

Customer Service Specialist

We have a small team that is dedicated to supporting our customers. They often work at a fast pace with flexible duties as needed. Our Customer Service Specialists have the chance to gain experience in learning to run a small business. The main focus is to actively support customers via phone, email, and other modern customer support channels as a customer-friendly face and voice of the brand.